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Hello! And welcome to the place of endless possibilities! At fallenplayer.com you will be able to dive into the universe of prepaid cards. We have up to five areas of action: to top up money -also cryptocurrencies- and use it in any business, for telephony, for gifts, for games and for all kinds of entertainment on the best entertainment platforms. With 100% protection, guaranteed secure payment and instant mail delivery. We are sure to have what you need!

If you wish, and we especially recommend it if you are new to prepaid cards, you can continue reading here, where we will explain to you in all simplicity how the Fallenplayer prepaid card system works.

Prepaid cards started out as simple electronic wallets. Linked to Visa or Mastercard, they do not need to have a backup account, and with them you can pay at any establishment -and also on the Internet- as long as funds have been previously recharged.

These cards have great advantages. First of all, security. If you use them for any purchase on the network, and they are hacked, at most they can attack the money you have linked to them, but not the rest of your account, as is the case with traditional debit and credit cards. Secondly, they allow you to control expenses, since you can recharge it only with the money you intend to use -and no more-. Or they even give freedom to children and adolescents who need them at a specific time and do not have to make an account.

Subsequently, the concept of prepaid cards has spread like wildfire and can now be used for other issues other than simple economic transactions. For example, to recharge the phone, to buy games or add-ons within the games from video consoles, computers or telephones, to give away money to spend in the recipient’s favorite store, or to pay for subscriptions or entertainment material on online platforms. entertainment. We will explain how to do it.


In recent times, the concept of “money” has become polyhedral, and others have been added to the traditional currency, called cryptocurrencies, which are nothing more than a digital asset that uses encryption to guarantee who they belong to, in such a way that transactions are completely clean and clear, and also prevent additional units from being created. That is, they prevent someone from making copies as we would, for example, with a photo. These coins do not exist in physical form: they are stored in a digital wallet.

Today, many people operate on the internet with cryptocurrencies. That is why prepaid cards have appeared on platforms that manage this type of money. One example is the Bitnovo Card, which you can purchase at Fallenplayer at an unbeatable price. The process couldn’t be simpler. You buy a Bitnovo card and you get a prepaid credit convertible into the cryptocurrency of your choice. It can be bitcoin, which is the most common, but also ethereum, or litecoin and up to a couple of dozen others.

Once you make the purchase, you receive your codes by email and redeem them in the Bitnovo app for the equivalent amount in cryptos of what you have paid. Remember that, for greater security, you do not have to share sensitive data or associate it with your bank account. Buy your prepaid coupon with us, and that’s it.
One last thing. When you enter Bitnovo to redeem your voucher for the type of cryptocurrency of your choice, you will need to have a wallet address to send these cryptocurrencies to. This can be created directly in your app, as Bitnovo offers a global service to facilitate the handling of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But Bitnovo is just one of the many payment cards that you can use in Fallenplayer. Amex, AstroPay, Bitsa, Cashlib, CashU, Flexepin…. And many more are also available and are as simple to use as the one we have mentioned.


It is possible that, in this case, you have fewer doubts. Not in vain, the market for buying and recharging cards over the Internet is well established at this point. What you have to do in this case is get the prepaid card from the phone company you want to operate with, register it and use fallenplayer whenever you want to recharge it in the easiest way possible.

In this link (link) we leave you the explanation of how to register a Lica Mobile prepaid card, as an example of how this type of service works. It will be you, later, who, thanks to the very simple recharge system that Fallenplayer has, decide when, how and how much to recharge your phone.

Exactly the same thing that goes for Lyca Mobile is useful for the rest of the operators, such as Lebara, Lowi, Fonic, E-Plus, Blau, B.free, and a long etcetera…. Each one has its different offers, its prices depending on whether the calls are local or international, etc. There you should be the one who chooses the one that best suits your needs. You can check its characteristics in Fallenplayer


Another very useful alternative with prepaid cards is to use them to give credit to spend in a specific store. Imagine that you want to give someone a book. But you have no idea which one you might like more. Easy. You go into fallenplayer, buy a Fnac gift card, and you’re putting hundreds of thousands of titles in their hands. Believe us, those gifts, in which so much initiative is left to the honoree, are greatly appreciated.

At Fallenplayer we sell all kinds of gift cards: for food, from large virtual sellers such as Amazon, from sports brands, from private transport, etc., etc….

The process, like all, is very simple. We summarize it in the following points.

  • You buy and send the virtual card, which you can do by email or select a messaging application.
  • Each of the cards is marked with the website of the merchant you have selected, and access to its entire sales catalog is total. The only limit that the person who receives the card will have will be the available balance.
  • This card has a number, which is what should be used when visiting the corresponding website. All our associated stores offer this alternative. Simply enter the number and complete the purchase. The balance that is spent is automatically deducted from the card. If it remains, it can be used again.
  • The advantage of using these gift cards is that you can adapt to your level of knowledge of the person you are gifting. For example, if you barely know about him or her, you can use more global alternatives, like amazon, where almost anything can be found.
  • Furthermore, these cards, as we have already said about all the others, are perfect for avoiding security fraud, since thieves can manage to copy a credit card number, but in a gift card code, such as has a limited balance, it is much less interesting for them.


What is your favorite console? PlayStation? Maybe Xbox? Or is it Nintendo? Perhaps you are one of those who prefers to play on PC, some of which have fascinating resolutions and gameplay experiences. The Steam platform has thousands of games, both current and traditional and even vintage. Or you need to buy games from Google Play, for example…

For all of them we have a game card, which is more fashionable than ever. You can use them to buy the whole game or, as young people are doing so much now, purchase the accessories you may need to enhance the experience with your favorite game.

To give you an example… At Nintendo you can, with gift cards, buy a game, or a temporary subscription. And you can also get expansions for some titles that have made you as happy as Zelda. All up to you. For its part, the PlayStation card allows you to either use the money to make purchases in its store or to get a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Imagine that you want to give someone a gift and you know what kind of console they have, but you have no idea what games they play. This card is perfect. And it works pretty much the same as the gift cards we just told you about.


And here we include, of course, an inseparable travel companion in recent years: our (or our) digital television platform.

Yes, we are talking about Netflix, HBO, Disney, Filmin, etc…

Through fallenplayer cards you can give annual or monthly subscriptions. And you can also load it with an amount of balance, whatever, that allows the person receiving the gift to watch series or movies for a fee.

And the movie and series platforms are not the only ones you will find in this area of ​​entertainment. Also the sports ones, which in recent times are beginning to spread like wildfire. And if not, ask Dazn, which started just two or three years ago in Spain and already owns the rights to the Football League (not exclusively), and also to many other sports such as Formula 1, motorcycles, the Basketball League, the English Premier, etc… So now you know, if you want to give away a Dazn subscription, go to fallenplayer and follow the steps. They are as simple as all the ones we have told you so far.

We let you enjoy an inexhaustible universe of leisure and enjoyment. Have a nice time! We take care of your safety and any need that may arise!